Here's just a small sampling of the artistic endeavors  we've helped create over the years.

"Bad Soul" - Adam Saxe (2016)

"Another Side" - Adam Saxe (2015)

Adam Saxe recorded his first Ep, "Another Side" with us in 2015. Following the success of that record, he needed to cut a single that would really make an impact. "Bad Soul" was produced and recorded at The Frequency Factory. Check it out on Spotify and iTunes. 

"Wilderness" - Man On Foot (2014)

"wilderness" - Man on foot (2014)

Singer/Songwriter Kirk Williams approached us with some concept songs he had written while traveling the world during his early 20's. We tracked and produced those songs to create an album we are very proud of. Check it out on Spotify or iTunes.


"Matty Monk" - Matty Monk (2016)

"Matty Monk" - Matty Monk (2016)

Matty Monk trusted The Frequency Factory to track and mix his first full length record. Check it out on iTunes and Spotify.

Other previous clients include, but is not limited to:

Brian Douglas Day                                  Angela Perley                                               One Tall Blonde  
Hooked Like Helen  
Anthony Mossburg  
Josey The Rain God  
Awful Nothings    
Byron Long
James Jannetty  
Kirk Williams  
Wiksell Mallory Productions  
Sega Genocide  
Brat Curse  
The Northwood Highs  
Violent Kind  
Matty Monk  
Trae Meyers  
Brooke Weirick  
Miriam Isaac

Adelee & Gentry
Jared Mahone
Carter Winter
Jetty Bones
Ryan Robinette                                             Jake Sims
This Love
Red Hot Revival
Lili Roquelin
Jessica Baldwin
Live! Technologies
Adam Saxe
Josh Blankenberg
Derek Radcliff
Derek Dupont & The Wild
Set Audio
Rock City Church
Vital Companies
Josh Howard
Man On Foot
Carli Miller