Live Technologies uses custom jingles for Arnold Sports Festival Promotional content.

Live Technologies is the premier live event production company in the midwest. For over 40 years Live Tech has been transforming vision into reality with their amazing production team. 

Each year they are tasked with running production for the largest multi-sports festival in the United States, the Arnold Sports Festival. When Live Technologies media department created all of the production videos, they looked to our team here at TFF to give them exciting and emotional music to tens of thousands of live spectators and online views. Check out some of the videos on their official youtube channel here.

For more information about how our team can help create custom musical pieces that clearly express your message and vision give us a call!

*Side Note: We highly recommend attending the festival in Columbus, Ohio March 2nd-5th.

Brian Douglas Day wraps-up latest EP via The Frequency Factory

Brian Douglas Day lives and breathes music. Literally, he has been playing about 240+ gigs per year for the last 10 years! Calling Brian just a "songwriter" would be a big understatement. The Columbus, Ohio native is essentially a one man band (vocals, guitar, harmonica, kick drum, foot tambourine). So when he approached the team at The Frequency Factory to cut the last single on his upcoming EP we were ecstatic. His style comes across as mix between Americana and Rock & Roll with his own unique flavor. 

Utilizing Mark Nye (Bass), Jarred Lawson (Guitar), and Jeff Martin (Drums, Engineer, Mix Engineer) he ended up with a piece of art that is sure to catch his fans attention. We thoroughly enjoyed watching Brian propel his music into a new direction and take some artistic chances. After all experimentation is the best way for art to avoid becoming stale.

His latest EP "Rookie" will be available March 10th (pre order here) via all platforms. He is also throwing a cd release show at The Basement that same night. Check out his previous catalogue of music via Spotify and iTunes. Keep up to date with his tour dates via his website or Facebook


~As always support local music!


Jake Sims Utilizes The Frequency Factory to Create Organic Sound

Using real instruments on records seems to be sort of a lost art now days. As new technology pushes real instruments out of the picture, it also pushes out real tracking studios. We are firm believers that music is not the same with out the human element. It lacks character and ends up sounding "square". Although we love new recording technology as much as anyone, we respect the traditions of where music comes from and always strive to keep it "real". Now that we have that out of the way we'll transition into our session this last weekend....

Columbus, Ohio resident Jake Sims landed at our studio in search of organic sounds. Jake has tons of talent, like TONS.  He also has had lots of experience recording. What he had never been given was the chance to do is really hear his song, recorded with real instruments, like it sounds when you're in the room with him and a band. Circa last weekend, he got 3 other musicians in a room and made it happen. Jake, producer/guitarist Josey McFaddin, Bassist Cody Aledia, and drummer/engineer Jeff Martin captured the magic of recording a song live together, at the same time. Mind you, Cody and Jeff had never met, let alone played with Jake. After a couple hours of working out the tune and polishing the performances he ended up with 4 minutes of time captured and locked in a device we call sound. Following the session, everyone involved had the same mindset, "These types of sessions are our favorites and take us back to why we really started making music in the first place." Be on the look out for Jakes song on iTunes and Spotify this spring.


~Dave Grohl once said, "It's not about being perfect, it's not about sounding absolutely correct, it's not about what goes on in a computer. It's about what goes on in here and what goes on in here." (pointing at his heart and brain)

Pat Brown Debut EP!

3 months ago we were fortunate enough to have Pat Brown approach us with a vision and some great tunes. The Florida based multi-instrumentalist has many sides to his music including hard rock, jazz, blues, and country. The EP that he is in the process of creating using The Frequency Factory leans more towards his blues and jazz roots. We are very excited for these songs to hit the streets this fall. Be on the lookout for it!

Red Ridge Entertainment Looks to The Frequency Factory For Drum Tracks

Red Ridge Entertainment has been a Nashville staple for artist development since 1990. This week R.R.E. gave us the privilege of cutting drums and percussion for artist Steve Hussey's upcoming album which they are currently working on. 

Don't settle for uninspiring drum tones, let our team here at The Frequency Factory hook you up with fat organic tones! 


Ps: We take kick drum tents seriously here.

Violent Kind's Final Week

Violent Kind has been on a 7 month mission to create their first full length album. We are pleased to announce they are finally finished tracking! Pending a few days of post production, we are ready to ship off their album to our partner in crime, Mike Landolt. This has been a remarkable journey in which head engineer, Jeff Martin and producer, Josey McFaddin have spent 400+man hours helping bring Violent Kind's vision to life.

Adelee & Gentry: Live From The Frequency Factory (round 1)

Adelee & Gentry have been traveling the country making music since before they can remember. They currently have a full length album that can be found on iTunes. (They also have one of the best Christmas albums we've ever heard out.) Recently they approached The Frequency Factory wanting to create some live, in studio performance videos. 3 of them have been released on youtube. Royals, Sugar/Four Five Seconds, and Ho Hey/Dark Horse. Check out these awesome videos and be sure to give their Facebook page a like!